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Hotel Navis in Orašje, in the heart of Posavina, is a place where you can come to anchor and have an exceptional dining experience, hold business meetings, conferences, celebrations, but also safely set off on new adventures in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a trip to some of the nearby towns, safely return to your port at Navis where our polite and helpful staff will give you a warm welcome.

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Hotel inthe heart of Posavina


Visit nearby destinations, monastery, and museum "Vrata Bosne" in Tolisa, and other sights in the area. Finish your walk around Orašje in the City Center IN Orašje (XIV street 97) located 1 kilometer away from the hotel, where you are granted pleasant time and affordable shopping.


Shopping center – City Center IN Orašje

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City Center IN is a place of gathering and socializing and has developed into a leading regional shopping center that attracts many visitors from Croatia and other countries who are traveling or coming to Orašje.

In addition to its 30 stores, visitors have at their disposal SUPERMARKET MAXI of 2,500 m2 and well-known brands of clothing and footwear, sports equipment, white goods, household items, jewelry store, children's playroom, bank, exchange office, and pharmacy.

A rich catering offer with restaurants Vienna, Toscana, and Desetka, as well as cafes and a patisserie, are an unavoidable place for a large number of travelers and a favorite place to socialize and enjoy delicious food.

Distance: 1km S


Doors of Bosnia

National monument Tolisa Monastery and Museum "Doors of Bosnia"

The Tolisa Monastery in the Orašje Municipality of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese has been declared a National Monument of BiH. The monastery consists of the church of St. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, old and new monastery buildings.

The new tourist chapter began with the opening of one of the most beautiful museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina - "Gates of Bosnia". The museum is located under the roof of the Franciscan Monastery in Tolisa, which together with the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a national cultural monument. As the friars have tirelessly preserved the historical heritage of the Posavina region under the walls of the Franciscan Monastery in Tolisa for years, such wealth is increasingly recognized around the world and as a tourist destination with a historical story.

The Museum "Gates of Bosnia" preserves the rich cultural and material heritage of Bosanska Posavina stored in valuable collections of paintings, archaeological heritage, numismatic and textile collections, libraries.

Distance: 6km W



White Tower Gradačac

The White Tower is a symbol of Gradačac. It occupies a central place on the coat of arms of the City of Gradačac. The complex of the Old Town in Gradačac, which also houses the White Tower of Husein-Captain Gradaščević, is one of the most important historical buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this national monument is visited by thousands of people every year. In 2003, the White Tower was restored under the supervision of the Commission to Protect National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and adapted to modern catering needs. At the top of the tower, from where you can see the whole of Gradačac and its surroundings, today there is a restaurant that serves traditional Bosnian dishes.

Distance: 50km SW


Srebrenik Fortress

It is located on the northeastern slopes of Majevica, in the village of Gornji Srebrenik, which is about 5 km away from the town of Srebrenik. 

It was built on a high, steep, lonely, and almost inaccessible rock above the valley of the river Tinja. There is a deep ditch under the most accessible part of the city so that the site can only be accessed via a wooden bridge that connects the rock itself with the rest of the hill, which makes it invincible to attack. From here there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area, and it is definitely recommended for all who like to walk and experience the spirit of the Middle Ages.

Distance: 50km S


Salt lakes

Salt Pannonian lakes Tuzla

The special feature of the lake is that they are in the center of Tuzla, only a few hundred meters from the central town square. What was once unthinkable is now a reality. In the middle of summer, children, young people, and adults walk around the city in beach slippers with a towel over their shoulders and other ‘sea props’. The bathing season opens in early May and depending on weather conditions lasts until September. During the summer, thousands of people visit the lakes every day and make this place the center of summer events.

Distance: 80km S



Visit the "City on a grain of salt", as the inhabitants of Tuzla themselves say, a city that is a large saltworks, after which it got its name during the Turkish domination.

Tuzla is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and it owes its 'salinity' to the former Pannonian Sea which left behind millions of tons of salt rocks and salt water.

It is also the only city in Europe and in the world with salt lakes whose salt lakes and beaches are in the city center. While enjoying the beauty and healing properties of Lake Panonica, visit the Archaeological Park - Neolithic pile-dwelling settlement and beautiful salt waterfalls.

Distance: 80km S


Đakovo and lipzzaner stud-farm

You love horses but you have never had the opportunity to spend time with these noble animals?

After a delicious breakfast at Hotel Navis, it's time for a trip to Đakovo. Lipizzaner breeding in Đakovo started in 1806 and from then on, the Lipizzaner stud-farm has been the pride of not only Đakovo, but Croatia as well. All those interested in visiting the Lipizzaner stud-farm have two locations available, Ivandvor near Đakovo and Stallion Station in the center of Đakovo.

"In addition to the Lipizzaner stud-farm, visitors can also see a beautiful architectural miracle, the Cathedral of St. Peter, enjoy a relaxing walk along the Strossmayer Gardens, Lake Jošava and Lake Borovik. Đakovo Embroidery is a cultural event which is aimed at preserving the tradition of this region by featuring traditional costumes, folk dances, traditional hairstyling, horse breeding, and gastronomy."

Distance: 60km N



Visit Ilok, the easternmost town in Croatia, which offers a magnificent view of the Danube River and dazes you with the smell and taste of sweet wine.

Odescalchi Castle, which houses the Museum of Ilok which contains rich archaeological, historical, and ethnographic material and an art collection, will provide every visitor an interesting walk through the history of this town.

Distance: 90km NE



Leave the Sava River behind and set off for the Vuka River and the Danube River, taking the highway that leads to a Town that abounds in history and cultural heritage. 

Stroll down the historic Baroque center, along the Danube River, the bridge over the Vuka River, and knock on the door of the Eltz Castle which houses the Vukovar Municipal Museum.

Distance: 55km NE



A city that lies on the banks of the Drava River, which remains in the lasting memory of all who visit it and invites you to return.

Mačkamama Castle, Tvrđa, King Tomislav Park and parks around Tvrđa, suspension bridge, Pejačević Castle, monument to the red car “Fićo”. All this and much more is provided by the City of Osijek, a city located on the banks of the Drava River, which remains in the lasting memory of all who visit it and invites them to return. On the left side of the river Drava - numerous cafes, promenade along the Drava, museums, numerous Osijek neighborhoods. The old core, the popular Fortress that leaves everyone who walks through it breathless.

Distance: 77km N


Sports and culture

Cultural and sports events in the municipality of Orašje and its surroundings

Cultural events

  • Tolisa Days - folklore festival
  • Domaljevac Fabric, World Congress of the Municipality of Domaljevac-Šamac

Sports events

  • Sava Regatta
  • Sport fishing
  • Sport hunting
  • Greyhound races - dog races
  • Kostrčki vrabac - May Day celebration - village sports olympiad

Festivals and other events

  • Film Festival - Days of Croatian Film - Ivo Grgurević
  • Days of the Municipality of Orašje - competitions and events of cultural and sports nature
  • Moto meetings in Orašje
  • Meetings and old-timer exhibition

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