The story of the ship

Boutique hotel Navis has the shape of a ship

The moment the architects presented their vision and design of a new hotel in Orasje on the Sava River, the decision was made. A hotel on the Sava River simply had to take the shape of a ship, a ship that will symbolize movement, constant possibility of understanding new things and fellowship necessary to achieve any goal. Just as the ship has a stern and a bow, decks, anchor, captain and crew who travel long distances, Hotel Navis, docked at the quay in Orasje and its staff offer a warm welcome to local and international travelers who will be able to use the multifunctional area of Hotel Navis to exchange their experiences and ideas and to relax and unwind before they continue facing new challenges.

The Sava river

The life of the local population has been linked to the Sava River and the beautiful nature surrounding it for decades. In the past the Sava River was important and related to economic and manufacturing activities, and today it is somewhat more related to recreation and rest and its natural beauty. The Sava River is powerful, unpredictable and represents an integral part of the rich culture of the Posavina region. The upper terrace of Hotel Navis has a view of the river, which will make you feel like you are on a real ship sailing down the river, and the view of the starry sky at night will take your breath away.


We hope that the people staying at Hotel Navis will create new business opportunities and make a positive impact on social life and the tourist offer of Orasje and Posavina.