Hotel in the heart of Posavina

Hotel Navis in Orasje, in the heart of Posavina, is a place where you can come to anchor and have an exceptional dining experience, hold business meetings, conferences, celebrations, but also safely set off on new adventures in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a trip to some of the nearby towns, safely return to your port at Navis where our polite and helpful staff will give you a warm welcome.

Destinations near Hotel Navis


You love horses but you have never had the opportunity to spend time with these noble animals?

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Visit Ilok, the easternmost town in Croatia, which offers a magnificent view of the Danube River and dazes you with the smell and taste of sweet wine.

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Visit the 'city on a grain of salt', as the locals call it, a city that has a large salt works which it is named after during the Turkish domination.

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The town, which lies on the banks of the Drava River, is etched on the memory of all those to come to visit forever and they will surely return.

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Leave the Sava River behind and set off for the Vuka River and the Danube River, taking the highway that leads to a Town that abounds in history and cultural heritage.

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Religious route

Get to know a part of the regional cultural heritage by visiting churches, monasteries and mosques in the vicinity of Hotel Navis.

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